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Norsk | English

Jeanette Goldstein
Mezzosoprano, Norway

Jeanette Goldstein

«I have really bad taste in music...boybands and chart music!"

1) What inspired you to become a singer?

My singing teacher at Fagerlia vgs (high school) in Ålesund, Grethe Kielland, made me aware that I had a talent for classical song. After that my interest and passion for classical music, and eventually opera, grew. When I hear good singers and musicians, in any genre really, I just want to sing myself!

2) What's Your dream role and why?

My dream role is Carmen!! It is so extreme in so many ways! She is so incredibly charismatic, violent, sexy and limitless. It challenges in so many areas, and I love the music.

3) What do you hope to achieve by participating in the Queen Sonja International Music Competition?

I hope to meet many nice singers who can inspire me further in my career. Also, it is a golden opportunity to be exposed to an exceptional jury with such a lot of experience and competence.

4) Tell us something unexpected about yourself!

I play the tuba! I have played in a brass band for many years, and I always long to be able to play more! I originally thought I would be a tuba player, but then everything took a different direction for me at the music program at high school.

Another little thing is that I have really bad taste in music...boybands and chart music!



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