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Contestants 2015

Published by Mie Inchley

The final list of contestants for The Queen Sonja International Music Competition is now complete, and we are very happy to be able to present it to the public. 

We received a total of 223 applications from very talented young singers from 42 countries. After careful consideration 41 singers from as many as 23 countries have been invited to take part in The Queen Sonja International Music Competition 2015.

The final contestants are as follows: 

Name Voice Country DOB

Kiandra Howarth Soprano Australia 1990
Pavel Valuzhin Tenor Belarus 1987
Florie Valiquette Soprano Canada 1986
Lucia Cesaroni Soprano Canada 1983
Yang Luo Tenor China 1989
Zhai Xiaohan Baritone China 1986
Leon Kosavic Baritone Croatia 1991
Petr Nekoranec Tenor Czech Republic 1992
Elsa Dreisig Soprano France 1991
Annika Gerhards Soprano Germany 1988
Ardalan Jabbari Baritone Iran 1984
Andri Björn Róbertsson Bass Island 1989
Gan-ya Ben-gur Akselrod Soprano Israel 1987
Byeong-Min Gil Bass Korea 1994
Yohan Kim Tenor Korea 1985
Hyekyung Choi Soprano Korea 1983
Seung Weon Lee Bass Korea   1983
Enkhbold Ankhbayar Baritone Mongolia 1988
Marlena Devoe Soprano New Zealand 1987
Jeanette Goldstein Mezzosoprano Norway 1983
Lise Davidsen Soprano Norway 1987
Rafal Pawnuk Bass Poland 1984
Ileana Mateescu Mezzosoprano Romania 1985
Dilyara Idrisova Soprano Russia 1989
Maria Buinosova Soprano Russia 1983
Anzhelika Minasova Soprano Russia 1989
Alexey Lavrov Baritone Russia 1985
Yulia Mazurova Mezzosoprano Russia 1989
Anna Brull Mezzosoprano Spain 1987
Airam Hernández Tenor Spain 1983
Anna Rajah Soprano United Kingdom  1987
Louise Kemény Soprano United Kingdom 1985
Ruth Jenkins-Róbertsson Soprano United Kingdom 1987
Yuriy Yurchuk  Baritone  Ukraine  1983 
Emalie Savoy Soprano USA 1985
Todd Boyce Baritone USA 1983
Alisa Jordheim Soprano USA 1986
Lauren Michelle Soprano USA 1983
Jonathan Winell Tenor USA 1984
Joshua Owen Mills   Tenor   Wales  1989 

Dear participants: We wish you all the best of luck, and are looking forward to welcoming you soon in Oslo!

Photo: Audun Iversen (1st Prize Winner 2007) and Kristina Mkhitaryan (1st Prize Winner 2013) on the roof of the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet.
(Camilla Sophie Storvollen)

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