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Norsk | English

Airam Hernández
Tenor, Spain

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“Every morning I woke up listening to my sister warming up her voice, so I suppose me becoming a singer was inevitable”

1) What inspired you to become a singer? 

I come from a family of musicians. My parents, whom I owe everything I am to, were always interested in music as an important part of my education. The first time I stepped onto a stage I was 3 years old. I grew up listening to traditional music from the Canary Islands and classic repertoire. At a very young age I started to study the organ and soon after that, the french horn. In the Canary Islands it is very easy to have access to learn and play music, as there are many choirs and music bands. I remember there was a piano in my room, and every morning I woke up listening to my sister (who is a soprano) warming up, or singing Lucia, Gilda, Adina. I suppose that my interest in this profession was inevitable.

Lucky me!


2) What’s your dream role and why?

To choose one role amongst the entire wonderful and varied repertoire I could sing is a very difficult task. I love contemporary repertoire, but also belcanto and French repertoire. Maybe the role I am dreaming about at this point of my life is Romeo, from Gounod’s Romeo et Juliette. It is a role I am working on at the moment and every time I open the score I find thousands of new colors and intentions to play with. I could say that at this point, Romeo captivates me completely. 


3) Who is your favourite opera singer and why?

Favorite singer? Also a hard one. It is like asking a little child “Who you love the most? Mom or Dad?”. I like voices with personality and a good line. Fritz Wunderlich on German repertoire, Gerard Souzay on french chanson, but also Elena Obraztsova, Anna Moffo (she is amazing!), Bryn Terfel. But I have to say that my referent right now is Gregory Kunde, not just because of the quality of his voice, but for his intelligence choosing the right repertoire in every stage of his career. 


4) What do you hope to achieve by participating in The Queen Sonja International Music 


The Queen Sonja International Music Competition is one of the most important singing competitions in the world of lyrical singing. It is a great opportunity for young singers to be heard by a professional jury, comprised of prominent figures of the industry.

I personally love the format of the competition, as it allows me to compete in two disciplines I consider essential in my education as an tenor and that I absolutely love to sing, which are lied and oratorio. On the other hand, as the competition is divided in eliminatory phases, it encourages you to bring everything you have to do the best you can. These kinds of experiences gives you confidence and a desire to excel. 

5) Tell us something surprising or unexpected about yourself!

I am a professional masseur and I perfected my technique on Tuina massages in China. I thought it was interesting to learn a little bit more about the human body and how it works. Those years of studying had a lot of impact on how I now see my own singing.  


6) Is there anything else you would like to tell us, which might be interesting to the public?

My father, who is a self-educated musician as he never had the chance to receive academic instruction in music, told me once: “Airam, what good is it to repeat this musical piece again and again, if there’s no truth in what you are doing” I was young and I didn’t understand what he meant at that time. My dedication to music goes further than fame and recognition, which are things that you only truly get with dedication and honesty. My biggest dream is to be able to gift that truth to the public.  

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