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Practical information


Semi-finalists will be provided with free hotel accommodation in Oslo for as long as they remain in the competition.


Semi-finalists must book and pay for their own travel to and from Oslo.

Practice facilities

Practice rooms at the Norwegian Academy of Music are available free of charge to all semi-finalists.


The competition will provide experienced accompanists for all participants in the semi-final of the competition. Participants who wish to use their own accompanist may do so.


The Queen Sonja International Music Competition reserves the exclusive right to make sound and video recording as well as photographic documentation of the competition, and owns all the rights for this material. Any income arising from such material will be retained by the competition.


The application fee is €90 and must be paid upon submission of the application.

Successful candidates who are invited to the competition will be required to confirm their acceptance by transferring €200 to the competition’s bank account. The applicant will be accepted officially as a contestant when the competition receives this fee and the requested sheet music. €100 will be returned to candidates after the competition.

Sheet music

All invited participants who do not have their own pianist must provide clear and easily legible sheet music for their repertoire in the semi-final. The sheet music must be sent by e-mail to the competition within the given deadline.

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