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Repertoire requirements

Candidates are invited to compile their own individual list of arias and art songs/lieder to be performed in the competition.

Each applicant's choice of work for the preliminary rounds and semifinal must be submitted with the application form. The pieces presented in these two rounds cannot be the same.


The repertoire list must consist of six opera/oratorio arias, two of which may be from oratorios/sacred works. Consideration should be given to present arias in contrasting styles.

Art songs/lieder

The repertoire list must also include four works from the category lieder/art song (for example German Lied, French chanson, Italian canzona, English song, American art song, Nordic romances etc.)

Candidates are encouraged to include Norwegian music amongst their choices. The Competition has prepared a representative list of suggestions of works by Norwegian composers, which you can find here.

Candidates are also encouraged to include work by living composers.

General requirements

Opera arias and oratorio/sacred music works must be performed in the original key and, where possible, in their original language. Art songs/lieder must be performed in their original language, but may be sung in different keys. Works to be performed in the preliminary round and semifinal must be specified in the application form. Please note that you cannot perform the same works in the preliminary and the semifinal rounds. All rounds of the competition in Oslo are open to the public.

Rounds and repertoire

Screening audition

A screening jury evaluates all valid applications on the basis of submitted video footage. The repertoire must include two operatic arias, indicated on the application form. The arias may, but do not have to, be part of the competition repertoire. They must be of contrasting styles and performed with piano or orchestral accompaniment. Total playing time should not exceed 10 minutes.  

Preliminary rounds

40 candidates are invited to Oslo to take part in the preliminary rounds. The repertoire consists of a self-chosen operatic/oratorio aria and a self-chosen art song/lied from your repertoire list. Total performance time should not exceed 12 minutes. The pieces are to be performed with piano accompaniment.  


12 candidates will be admitted to the semifinal. The repertoire consists of four works from the contestant’s submitted list of arias and art songs/lieder. One or two of the pieces must be operatic/oratorio arias, and two or three of the pieces must be art songs/lieder. If you have included Norwegian songs and/or contemporary music in your repertoire, these should be performed in the semifinal. Total performance time per contestant should not exceed 20 minutes. The pieces are to be performed with piano accompaniment.  


5 candidates will be admitted to the final. Each finalist performs two arias. One aria can be an oratorio aria. The arias are chosen by the jury from the contestant’s list of works. The finalists will be informed of their repertoire for the final round after completing the semifinal. The pieces are performed with The Norwegian National Opera Orchestra. The final concert is held at The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet, Main House, and will be broadcast live on TV and radio by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). 

The preliminary and semifinal rounds will also be streamed online. 


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