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Prize-winners' career development

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The Queen Sonja International Music Competition’s main goal is to assist the career development of talented young singers. Since the beginning, the aims of the competition have included creating an international arena for music in Norway, which could showcase young musicians and give them an opportunity to be assessed at an international level. The competition has indeed acted as a stepping-stone for many of our prize-winners' careers on the opera stage. Many of them have also established successful careers as soloists in recital with orchestras and in other arenas. Read more about our prize-winners’ opera careers by clicking on the names below. The information is taken from operabase.com.

Maria Motolygina (soprano, Russia), First Prize winner
Badral Chuluunbaatar (baritone, Mongolia), Second Prize winner
Inna Demenkova (soprano, Russia), Third Prize winner
Erika Baikoff (soprano, USA), Finalist Prize winner
Brent Michael Smith (bass, USA), Finalist Prize winner
Lydia Hoen Tjore (soprano, Norway), Finalist Prize winner

Sergey Kaydalov (baritone, Russia), First Prize winner
Stefan Astakhov (baritone, Germany), Second Prize winner
Adam Kutny (baritone, Poland), Third Prize winner
Theodore Browne (tenor, Germany), Finalist Prize winner
Natalia Tanasii (soprano, Moldova), Finalist Prize winner
Meigui Zhang (soprano, China), Finalist Prize winner

Mario Bahg (tenor, South Korea), First Prize winner 
Giovanni Sebastiano Sala (tenor, Italy), Second Prize winner 
Alexander Roslavets (bass, Belarus), Third Prize winner
Ruslana Koval (soprano, Ukraine), Finalist Prize winner
Pavel Petrov (tenor, Belarus), Finalist Prize winner

Lise Davidsen (soprano, Norway), First Prize winner 
Elsa Dreisig (soprano, France), Second Prize winner 
Yuriy Yurchuk (baritone, Ukraine), Third Prize winner
Leon Kosavic (baritone, Croatia), Finalist Prize winner
Alexey Lavrov (baritone, Russia), Finalist Prize winner

Kristina Mkhitaryan (soprano, Russia), First Prize winner
Andrew Stenson (tenor, USA), Second Prize winner
Mélissa Petit (soprano, France), Third Prize winner
Hamida M. Kristofferen (soprano, Norway), Finalist Prize winner
Brandon Cedel (bass-baritone, USA), Finalist Prize winner

Dong-Hwan Lee (baritone, South Korea), First Prize winner 
Ingeborg Gillebo (mezzo-soprano, Norway), Second Prize winner
Uliana Alexyuk (soprano, Ukraine), Third Prize winner
Kateryna Kasper (soprano, Ukraine), Finalist Prize winner
John Chest (baritone, USA), Finalist Prize winner

Seung-Gi Jung (baritone, South Korea), First Prize winner 
Jacquelyn Wagner (soprano, USA), Second Prize winner
Adrian Angelico (mezzo-soprano, Norway), Finalist Prize winner 
Katharina Persicke (soprano, Germany), Finalist Prize winner
Nadine Sierra (soprano, USA), Finalist Prize winner  

Audun Iversen (baritone, Norway), First Prize winner 
Anita Watson (soprano, Australia), Second Prize winner
Nina M. Gravrok (soprano, Norway), Third Prize winner
Mari Eriksmoen (soprano, Norway), Finalist Prize winner
Erika Roos (soprano, Sweden), Finalist Prize winner

Daniel Behle (tenor, Germany), First Prize winner
Peter McGillivray (baritone, Canada), Second Prize winner 
In-Sung Sim (bass, Korea), Third Prize winner

Olga Mykytenko (soprano, Ukraine), First Prize winner 
Measha Brueggergosman (soprano, Canada), Second Prize winner
Vladimir Baykov (bass, Russia), Third Prize winner

Marita Kvarving Sølberg (soprano, Norway), First Prize winner
Galina Sidorenko (mezzo-soprano, Russia), Second Prize winner
Yorck Felix Speer (bass-baritone, Germany), Third Prize winner

Virginia Tola (soprano, Argentina), First Prize winner 
Oana Andra (mezzo-soprano, Romania), Second Prize winner 
Ayk Martirossian (bass, Armenia), Third Prize winner 
Helene Ranada (mezzo-soprano, Sweden), Finalist Prize winner 

Liao Changyong (baritone, China), First Prize winner
Valentina Kutzarova (mezzo-soprano, Bulgaria), Second Prize winner
Ofelia Sala (soprano, Spain), Third Prize winner 

Akie Amou (soprano, Japan), First Prize winner
Tigran Martirossian (bass, Armenia), Second Prize winner 
Deng-Feng Zhao (tenor, China), Third Prize winner
Annette Seiltgen (mezzo-soprano, Germany), Finalist Prize winner
Melanie Diener (soprano, Germany), Finalist Prize winner 

1992 (piano)
Simone Pedroni (Italy), First Prize winner
Folke Nauta (the Netherlands), Second Prize winner
Sigurd Slåttebrekk (Norway), Third Prize winner
Victor Lyadov (Russia), Finalist Prize winner
Francesco Libetta (Italy), Finalist Prize winner

1988 (piano)
Nigel Hill (United Kingdom), First Prize winner
Jeffrey Biegel (USA), Second Prize winner
Sergey Schepkin (Russia), Third Prize winner
Eckhart Heiligers (Germany), Finalist Prize winner
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